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3 Great Vacation Ideas for After the Pandemic

If you’ve been dreaming of a vacation somewhere far, far away you’re certainly not alone. After a year largely spent within the four walls of our homes, much of the world is craving a vacation right about now. In the future, you probably won’t be taking the ability to hop on a flight or even eat out at your favorite restaurant on a whim for granted. In the meantime, it’s never too early to start making a wish list of your ideal vacation spots for when it’s safe to travel again. Whether you’re looking to get some fresh air on a trek through the Himalayas or want to kick back on a sandy beach and release stress on a secluded island, here’s a bit of inspiration to get your travel ideas flowing.

1. Escape to the Caribbean.

Are you drawn to the idea of turquoise waters and a tropical, palm tree-lined shoreline? If you’re a nature lover, the Caribbean is the perfect place to relax in the sun on a white sand beach while also indulging your adventurous side. From Aruba to Jamaica, St. Lucia to Barbados, this lush region is abundant in beautiful beaches, a melange of cultures, and nature trails. If you love watersports, you can try your hand at surfing and snorkeling, or look for shells and other marine life in tide pools. Explore the coastline by horseback or enjoy a guided tour along our mile-long stretch of beach. When you’re not busy checking out the best beaches around or taking part in the amenities of your resort, head inland to explore the secrets of the jungle. Fly through the rainforest on a zip-line adventure or stay active by hiking on trails like the Gros Piton Nature Trail on St. Lucia. Leave all your worries behind and dive headfirst into laidback island vibes.

2. Sail around the Mediterranean.


One of the most important ways to go about staying healthy at work is striking a work-life balance. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at the office, remember to take regular breaks and find ways to release your stress, such as planning a much-deserved vacation.

Are you drawn to azure waters, beautiful beaches, and vineyards? Does your mouth water at the idea of digging into a plate of fresh seafood and sipping on a chilled glass of wine while watching the sun sink into the sea? If you answered yes, the Mediterranean region of Europe, known for its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant cuisine, rich history, and colorful buildings, might be a great place for your next vacation. The region spans through Western and Southern Europe, including countries like Spain, France, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. Rather than explore the region by the traditional route, hire a boat and sail through the region, making stops at ports and islands along the way. Come ashore and spend an afternoon at a cafe watching life pass by, head inland to check out a local winery, spend your day relaxing on a public beach with a picnic, and catch a sunset from a rocky cliff before setting sail again.

3. Ride a motorcycle through Vietnam.


Are you craving the thrill of the open road? If you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves road trips, plan a motorcycle trip for your next vacation. With its long stretches of extended coastline, staggering green mountains, and mouth-watering cuisine, Vietnam is a popular spot for motorcycle adventures. Driving on two wheels is a great way to soak up the scenery and have control over what attractions you stop and see. Leave behind the colorful markets and excitement of Hanoi and start cruising through villages, coastal roads, and beautiful beaches. There are plentiful outdoor activities to partake in as well. Kayak at Halong Bay and trek along nature trails in Sapa. From cities and villages abundant in culture to the mountains and the beach, Vietnam is a great place for any adventure seeker.