How to Enjoy Living Alone

Whether you’re one of the estimated one-in-four Americans already living alone (according to Holt-Lunstad’s research) or you’ve been forced to live alone due to the coronavirus pandemic; living alone can make the current hard time we’re all going through with the global pandemic all the more difficult. The good news? There are benefits to living alone …

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When Is the Kukeri Festival in Bulgaria?

Are you the type of traveler who is constantly seeking new adventures and off-beat experiences? Do dynamic festivals featuring local culture, albeit sometimes bizarre traditions, pique your interest? Then the Kukeri festival in Bulgaria, which involves masks, monsters, and a lot of fun, might be just the event to plan your next vacation around. Although …

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5 Things to Do in Marin County

An hour or so drive from San Francisco, Marin County is an expansive area in the northwestern Bay Area. Just north of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, this coastal and forested peninsula in Northern California is comprised of largely rural areas boasting expansive coastal views. The county may be small but is abundant in things …

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5 Out-of-the-Box Vacation Ideas

Everyone has a goal when it comes to taking a vacation. Whether you crave rest and relaxation or the adventure of experiencing new things, there is an out-of-the-box vacation idea for everyone. You can veer off from traditional vacation activities as much as you like and choose destinations based on what interests you the most. …

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