At the heart of of Wing Tunes is the growing staff of over a dozen regular featured contributors — many of whom are renowned and emerging travel writers and researchers. Their articles enable us to understand and experience the subjects of travel, home, and lifestyle, while learning more about a multitude of important topics that are most meaningful to our readers.

Featured Contributors

Co-Founder + Editor
Eden Kearney is one of our co-founders and editors. She enjoys traveling the world and learning about other countries and cultures. She brings a wealth of writing and editing experience to her current role. Her favorite destination is Madrid.
Co-Founder + Editor

Palmer Reed is one of our co-founders and editors. He was previously a Communications Director for an environemental advocacy non-profit. He has always had a passion for traveling and exploring. His favorite destinations are Iceland and Vietnam.

Assitant Editor

Caitlin Collado is an assistant editor here at Wing Tunes. She is originally from Austin, Texas, however a study abroad semester in Ireland sparked her love of travel and adventure.Her favorite travel destinations are India and Hawaii.


Charlie Medeiros is a Wing Tunes contributing writer. Born and raised in Boston, he grew up studying different languages and cultures. He went on to study International Business in college, before becoming a writer. His favorite destination is Alaska.


Cammie Hoppe is a contributing writer for Wing Tunes. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is a recent graduate of the UC Berkeley. She has always had a passion for traveling, and acquired a degree in International Relations. Her favorite destination is the Galapagos.


Luke Sheridan is a contributing writer at Wing Tunes. He is originally from Montana but he attended the UCLA and acquired the bug for travel and adventure by exploring the natural beauty of California. His favorite destination is Italy, and is planning a six-month backpacking trip to Asia next summer.

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