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Wing Tunes is a collaborative publishing project with a diverse group of writers, experts, adventurers, and travel aficionados. Together we bring readers a world of knowledge and inspiring information and stories. Our unique content caters to the world of both travel, home, and remote work.




Wing Tunes was founded in 2018 by two college friends and perpetual travel buddies: Eden Kearney and Palmer Reed. Together, they shared a deep passion for wanderlust, combined with a mutual understanding of balancing the importance of travel and the value of home.

After traveling the world together, Eden and Palmer had opened their eyes and hearts to the beauty of other places and they wanted to share it with others. Embracing their shared love for adventure, they formed the Wing Tunes team. This talented team has worked together over the past four years,  enabling an independently run Wing Tunes publication.

Eden and Palmer continue to run Wing Tunes today, and along with their staff of experts and writers, they deliver a unique perspective on the latest travel, lifestyle, and home-related news and stories. We are always seeking sustainable ways to grow Wing Tune’s team and continue improving the platform itself.

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