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3 Ideas of What to Do With Your Vacation Photos

Traveling is a great time to practice taking photos. Since most moments in life are Instagram-worthy, coming back from vacation means having hundreds of photos to sort through. Sadly most of these photos will be forgotten, left untouched in a digital file on a phone or computer. Half the fun of vacations is making memories. When it’s time to unpack and look through all the captured moments, keep these three ideas of what to do with your vacation photos in mind. 

Print Out Photos on Almost Anything

Sometimes photos stand out more when physically printed. Put together all the best vacation photos and print them into a book to be displayed on a coffee table. Or make a project out of scrapbooking and creating an album by hand. Frequent travelers can print out mini travel flip-books highlighting all the fun from every city seen. 

Print out photos as commemorative postcards or stamps. If relevant, photos can make for memorable business cards. Don’t forget about printing on non-traditional items. T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and pillows are just some of the objects that look great with custom photos. A fun option for kids is to turn photos into puzzles and stickers. Ceramic tiles are an elegant way to print photos. A collection of ceramic photo tiles could make a big statement in a home renovation. 

Share Photos Online 

Photos are meant to be shared. Relive every vacation photo and story by creating an online blog. They’re easy to make and free of cost. An alternative to a blog is to make an online slideshow. Simply upload photos, choose background music, and share the slideshow. 

Social media is the best place to get attention for photos. When posting photos, strategically add hashtags and tag tourism-related businesses. For example, The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau encourages travelers to take the LAN150 Challenge. It’s a bucket list put together by the Visitors Bureau of all the essential things to do, see, and experience in Lansing. Sharing personal photos from vacation with a city’s tourism bureau is a fun way to keep memories alive. 

For a more private sharing experience, try Meet ibi. Not sure what is ibi? It’s a 1 TB storage device that can store over 250,000 photos or over 100 hours of HD videos. Simply set up ibi at home and it will collect and backup all chosen devices, social media accounts, and cloud accounts. Users can choose to privately share photos and videos with only the family and friends they want. 

Photos Are Meant to Be Seen…Display Them! 

Don’t forget about the classic thing to do with photos – print and frame them! It’s easy to upload files and order prints online or go to a photo supply store. Get creative with displaying prints. Put them in frames of varied style and color. Stretch them over canvas or clip prints to a line with small clothespins. Build shadow boxes and place souvenirs, trinkets, and ticket stubs together with photos. Try a modern spin and go with metal prints, whose frameless design makes photos ready for immediate display. With metal prints dye is infused into aluminum sheets to give vibrant, shiny colors and make photos pop. 

Put a creative spin on framing photos and display them in the shape of a map. Find a map of the country visited and add pictures of each place seen. Another alternative is to have photos printed into the shape of the state or country visited with a website such as Minted. If display space is limited, utilize the refrigerator and print photos onto magnets. 

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