3 Things You Can Try To Overcome a Rough Patch in Your Relationship

Everyone will experience a rough patch in their relationship at some point, but how do you overcome it? Rough patches can come from many different things: stresses at work, differences of opinions, or sometimes just because. Just because you are experiencing problems in your relationship doesn’t mean it will end badly or that you’re going to break up; you may need some help settling differences and getting through the rough patch. Having these rough patches is normal in every relationship, and they are possible to overcome. Below you will find three things to overcome a rough patch in your relationship.

1. Looking for Help


Looking for help from outside sources is a great way to overcome a rough patch in your relationship. Having an unbiased person to speak with can be an excellent way to clear the air and say what’s on your mind without fear of being judged. Find a therapist near you to talk to about the problems that you may have. Find the right therapist for you by looking at the options you have, from family therapy to online therapy and scheduling an appointment. A therapist can talk with you and make goals for you to achieve better communication. The more you talk to this therapist, you will find it easier to speak to your other half. Having proper communication is key to overcoming rough patches in your relationship.

2. Good Gestures


Sometimes we have rough patches because we take the other person for granted. Try something new by making a good gesture such as bringing in flowers or buy macarons. Buying macarons or bringing in flowers is a great way to show that you care doesn’t require much work. Macarons can come in an assortment of your particular person’s favorite flavors like birthday cake, red velvet, and more. These cookies can also be gift wrapped to show your significant other how much they mean to you. These simple gestures can go a long way in a relationship, simply letting the person know that you care or that you are thinking of them. If you have hit a rough patch and get the silent treatment, you can use small gifts as a way to say you’re sorry and want to talk it out. Buying something for your significant other is a way to show you care that can’t go wrong.

3. Spending More Time Together

It may be hard to find time to spend together when you have busy work schedules or hectic schedules altogether. This can be true for couples who work opposing schedules or have conflicting schedules after work. Not spending enough time with your partner can put too much distance between you and cause a rough patch. This type of rough patch comes simply because you never get to see your partner. If this is the case, try to spend more time together by planning activities together. For example, if you go to the gym after work, try asking your person to tag along and do a couples workout. Also, make a pact that you go to dinner together every Thursday and see a movie. These small things add up to make significant differences in your relationship. Once you start spending more time together, you will form a deeper connection that can carry you out of that rough patch and have you on cloud nine again.

Don’t Give Up

Remember that every relationship goes through rough patches, but it is important to stick it out and overcome these rough patches to better your relationship. If you have problems with communication, remember that you can find therapy to give you better insight. Small gestures and gifts can make a huge difference and if you are distant, try spending more time together. Following these steps can help you overcome any rough patch and bring your relationship back to life.