Hollywood Beauty Secrets That Are Trending

The stars of Hollywood often look so glamorous on the big screen that you might think it’s impossible to replicate their look. With silky-smooth, blemish-free skin that takes at least a decade from the performer’s perceived age, they leave lingering envy of wishing we could all be so lucky. Admit it‚Äîwe’ve all been there. One look at Nicole Kidman on the cinema screen in a movie like Australia and you just know you’re going to be harboring some jealous thoughts.

Such a look is actually possible for us all, with the right treatments and skincare of course‚Äì, and without having to throw wads of cash either. Let’s have a look at a few Hollywood beauty secrets that are trending and why they’re worth a shot.


Obviously, skincare should always be at the top of any beauty enthusiast’s list, and with good reason’s the amount of makeup in the world is going to hide a lack of dermatological consideration. That is to say, if you aren’t looking after your skin, it will show regardless. Here is another little secret‚Äîno one has bad skin. Sure, some may need a little more attention when applying foundation or blusher, but when that makeup remover takes off the cosmetic overlay, the same skin remains underneath. Ok, you might have dry skin or sensitive skin that needs a little more sun protection from time to time, but you don’t have bad skin, no matter what you might be telling yourself.

Let’s have a look at that attention to detail to make sure that you can show off what you have, soothe any irritation you might have, or just provide the skin with the rejuvenation it needs. Again, we’re going to look at our favorite Australian Hollywood Star, only instead of unfairly contrasting ourselves to Ms. Kidman, we’re going to let Nicole point us in the right direction. Partnering with Sera Labs, Ms. Kidman has been working as a global brand ambassador and strategic business partner to get their new skincare products out there.

Nicole Kidman Skincare products are a CBD infused topical ointment that rejuvenates skin and allows people with all skin types feeling fresh and as blemish-free as the Hollywood star herself. SeraTopical ointments are also affordable and easily accessible to people around the world, but with a brand ambassador like Ms. Kidman, then this beauty product will be seen by many in the coming years and just by an application.

Longer Lasting Eyelashes

Another cosmetic trend that is making a comeback in a big way is eyelash enhancements. It’s almost part of the everyday routine to add a little bit of thickness via mascara or to take it a bit further and add some false lashes to the mix. There’s nothing wrong with wearing falsies, but they can be a pain to stick on in the first place. Trying to glue a set of false lashes into place, whilst making sure it’s still symmetrical with the other eye is like rocket science. Eyeliner and mascara are not much better either; just this time you have the added obstacle to avoid constantly poking yourself in the eye. Plus, if you have a pre-existing eye condition, then either option can be a little more tedious to navigate.

The next big thing to facial cosmetics is in the magnetic lash liner as available from Glamnetic. Not only are these easier to wear, and look incredibly stylish to boot, but they don’t take anywhere near as much time to apply. You’ll find they last longer overall too, which is more than can be said for the delicate and fragile false lashes.

Of course, looking like a Hollywood star isn’t the be-all and end-all of life, and the important thing to remember is that you look how you want to look. There is a well-documented connection between looking good and feeling good, and regardless of whether it’s for a special occasion or a trip to the office, if you dress and make up the way that you want to, then you’re guaranteed to look and feel good.