How Pop Culture Has Changed the Way We Talk About Sex

A hundred years ago, you couldn’t talk about sex out loud without it being considered incredibly risqué. In today’s time, sex is all around you. It’s in your commercials, the music you listen to, the apps on your phone, and all the media you consume. Pop culture has completely revolutionized the way people treat sex.

Sex and intimacy are a regular part of life and are important parts of relationships. While that side of things used to be kept more private, it’s now widely talked about. Sitcoms and music videos blatantly talk and brag about sexual exploits, and if you aren’t participating, you can feel behind and left out of a general societal phenomenon. The way we talk about sex, sexual pleasure, and intimacy has opened up entirely. Nothing is off-limits anymore, and people can feel free to talk about and pursue their sexual desires without any fear of judgment. We certainly have come a long way. Here are just a few more examples of how pop culture is revolutionizing the way we talk about sex.

Not a lot is taboo anymore.

Talking about sex used to be completely off-limits. No one could talk about the spoils of the bedroom without laughing or gasping. Now, nothing is taboo anymore. Because pop culture speaks openly about booty calls, sexual misfires, and having multiple partners, it’s acceptable for the general population to act the same. Even things you may have been ashamed about can be spoken of openly.

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Sex has become more casual.

Pop culture has made sex much more casual than it was in the past. When you watch sitcoms, you hear stories or young singles going on first dates and having sex right away. Rather than just being a special moment between a loving couple, sex has become a fun activity for two people to enjoy together. You can don your robe and have a fun evening of intercourse with no strings attached. This brand version of sex makes what was once a deeply intimate act into a more casual thing that everyone is doing.

Hookup culture is all around you.

You’ve probably heard about or participated in hookup culture. This is a new phenomenon where people are looking for partners purely for sex without any sort of romantic connection. Dating apps have perpetuated the idea that you can swipe right on someone just because you want to have sex with them. It takes the romance out of sex and makes it all about the physical act and animal attraction. Again, the pop culture references to one-night stands, friends with benefits, or a celebration of hookups have helped this culture grow all around you.

People almost expect sex.

With all the hints and indicators that sex is a natural continuation of a date night, it has become an expected part of dating. Because sex has become casual and automatic, you can be considered rude or prudish if you don’t “put out” on the first date. When you go out on a date, it’s almost expected that you’ll sleep together at the end of the night. This expectation can lead to a lessening of patience in relationships and people getting frustrated if sex does not happen. While it’s good that sex has become more openly talked about, this expectation may lead to some miscues during first dates.