How to Enjoy Living Alone

Whether you’re one of the estimated one-in-four Americans already living alone (according to Holt-Lunstad’s research) or you’ve been forced to live alone due to the coronavirus pandemic; living alone can make the current hard time we’re all going through with the global pandemic all the more difficult. The good news? There are benefits to living alone (you get to make...
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Whether you’re one of the estimated one-in-four Americans already living alone (according to Holt-Lunstad’s research) or you’ve been forced to live alone due to the coronavirus pandemic; living alone can make the current hard time we’re all going through with the global pandemic all the more difficult.

The good news? There are benefits to living alone (you get to make the privacy policy, decorate how you wish, and get first dibs on all the seats). However, if it’s you’re first time living solo, you may be having a difficult time spending so much time in solitude. Check out the following tips for enjoying living alone.

Get a new wardrobe.

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Know how to have a special day alone.

One of the biggest lessons one needs to learn to enjoy living solo is knowing how to party alone (even if it’s a birthday party). Considering that the U.S. has been shut down to varying degrees since march and, according to The New York Times, some state’s governors are closing sectors that had been re-opened from the spring shut down again to curve the spread of COVID-19 (which is expected to surge again this winter). Therefore, it’s likely that birthdays are going to be quite different this year. More reason to turn up your favorite tunes and dance like nobody’s watching (because they really aren’t, anyway).

Luckily, there are all kinds of suggestions on how to pamper yourself on your birthday available online to get through COVID birthdays. The top suggestions range from planning a stay at an Airbnb, making a reservation at your favorite restaurant and going out by yourself (or, order-in, make your favorite birthday cake, and make a night of it), plan a spa day, plan an event for next year (we all need something to look forward to), or merely plan a personal excursion to get a change of scenery. Maybe there’s a waterfall within driving distance? Sometimes spending some time in the wonders of nature can be a great escape.

Discover a natural wonder with adventure travel.

While international travel (or maybe even flying as a whole) may be an issue due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus (that trip to New Zealand will probably have to wait), there are ways to avoid crowds, stay safe, and still enjoy some adventure travel. By checking out travel destinations for outdoorsy people you can find ways to enjoy an outdoor adventure to a new place you’ve never seen before.

Whether you desire to go alone or plan to bring a family member that has been COVID safe, be sure to plan adventure travel safely. For example, the safest (and probably the most adventurous) way to travel right now is probably by renting an RV and going on a road trip! Using an RV and staying at campgrounds will allow you to have minimal exposure to other people since you literally get to bring your own bathroom, kitchen, etc. (social distancing level-100) while enjoying the playground that is nature.

Campgrounds also allow you to get even closer to nature without having to use it as your personal restroom. Check out national parks across the U.S. such as Glacier National Park in Montana or the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Enjoy the canyon? Only 100 miles away, you’ll find Zion National Park for more canyons, camping, and hiking. There are so many state parks and popular destinations across the U.S. to explore!

Go zip-lining, see glaciers, see the Rocky Mountains (or realize a lifelong goal of climbing the Rockies), see the dunes of North Carolina, and see local attractions all along the way. Hike the best trails (Hint: there are great hiking and kayaking options in Colorado) and see the best sunsets. Visit San Francisco and then hike the breathtaking trails of the Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park in California. Whatever you want to see, make it an adventure.

Bonus tip: No matter where you’re going, be sure to pack plenty of hand sanitizer, snacks, and water bottles in your backpack.

Learn to enjoy yourself without others.

According to Healthline, living alone can actually be the perfect way to learn more about yourself. Healthline notes that before living alone, people tend to spend nearly every day of the year in the nearly constant company of others. Living alone gives you an opportunity for self-discovery for maybe the first time. Do you really like the things you think you do or were you just doing them to please your social group? Which relationships benefit you in the long-run and help you grow as a person to reach your goals? Living alone also puts you in a great place to try new things, which is another great part of self-discovery.

Find ways to socialize.

When was the last time you talked to another person? Once you get used to it, you may find yourself going long periods of time without socializing, which may not be good for you. According to Julianne Holt-Lunstad — a psychology professor at Brigham Young University who was interviewed for an article in USA Today — human beings aren’t meant to be alone. She notes that “humans are hard-wired to be around other humans”. In fact, her work has shown health and psychological ailments stemming from loneliness.

This highlights the importance of ensuring a healthy social life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your own space and alone time, but you must ensure you make time to make a phone call to mom, take a social distancing walk (with masks) with a friend, and/or plan a video chat with the whole family for the holidays over dessert. Once the pandemic is over, consider hosting social events at your new place.

Consider adopting a pet.

While it’s always nice to be alone for a little bit, a full day all alone can get draining (especially when combating the stress of the pandemic this last year). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), having a pet has been shown to lower stress, decrease depression, improve happiness, encourage fitness, decrease feelings of loneliness, lower blood pressure, and even decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Getting a furry friend can be the ultimate way to stay on top of your human need for social interaction despite living alone. A pet may also help you transition to living solo as it can make you feel less lonely while you get used to it. Plus, getting a pet such as a dog can give you the motivation to exercise and maybe even give you a further sense of protection.

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