How To Properly Furnish Your New Restaurant

It takes a lot to open up a new restaurant. You need to locate a space, sign a lease, and finalize a menu. Let’s say you’ve already done all of that and the property manager has just given you the keys to your brand new restaurant. Now, it’s time for you to furnish the space. There’s kitchen equipment, appliances, prep stations, dining tables, chairs, flatware, and decor. With all of this to consider, where do you even begin? If you want to learn how to properly furnish your new restaurant, keep reading.

Start with the basics: the floors.


While you might think that the first place to start is the kitchen, you should really start with clean carpet. This type of flooring holds onto stains and is usually a breeding ground for mold. Carpet cleaning should be the first thing to consider before you even think about buying any tables or chairs. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Brisbane, for example, you may want to check if they offer steam cleaning and shampooing. Your best bet is to hire carpet cleaning experts like Sun Dry in Brisbane to extend the life of your carpet. Only then can you move on to other aspects of furnishing your restaurant.

Look into renting restaurant kitchen equipment.

You’re going to need freezers, deep fryers, and refrigerators, as well as prep tables, cookware, microwaves, and commercial ovens. These can put a pretty big dent in your business account. And while they’re necessities, you might be better off renting restaurant equipment from sites like With the ability to rent commercial restaurant equipment, you can make sure that you’re not burning a hole in your pocket by making large expenses outright. Thankfully, Restaurant Warehouse offers affordable monthly rates on everything from commercial refrigerators to smallwares.

Choose dining furniture that balances style and functionality.


While it might be tempting to pick pieces that are unique and stand out from the competition, you should also consider functionality and versatility. If you ever decide to refresh your space, you might regret choosing brightly colored and oddly shaped chairs. Traditional furniture pieces tend to keep your theme feeling classic. Meanwhile, “modern” pieces introduce cleaner lines that are reminiscent of the 1950s. Whatever you may be interested in, make sure that your seating is functional and maximizes the restaurant space. The best establishments keep customers seated comfortably, not just enticed by eye-catching furniture.

When it comes to decor, support local artists.

If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you could look into supporting local artists. You’d be surprised at what you could find within your city. And more importantly, today’s customers appreciate businesses that support other small businesses. This shows your support for the community but also makes the restaurant unique to its location.

Bring the outside in.


There’s nothing cozier than when a restaurant brings outdoor elements into the space. Indoor plants in your restaurant could easily liven up the decor at budget-friendly prices. Plus, they never go out of style! Some business owners might think that furnishing a restaurant is just about filling it with the right objects, but it’s also about lighting and ambiance. If it’s possible with your space, open up your dining room to an outdoor patio. Another way to bring the outside in is by “furnishing” your restaurant with herbs that compliment the food on your menu.

The creative possibilities with furnishing your restaurant are endless! Just don’t forget to start with the basics before you start ordering tables and chairs. Make sure you look for a great carpet cleaning service and finance your restaurant equipment to keep your expenses affordable. Support local artists and create a community. Last but not least, think of furnishing your restaurant as an investment into your business. Good luck!