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The Different Types of Jobs You Can Do With a Commercial Driver’s License

There’s nothing quite like getting out on the open road. Whether it’s a Sunday drive or a weekend getaway, some of us find relaxation behind the wheel. So how about turning that love for driving into a career? It’s possible by applying for and obtaining your commercial driver’s license, or CDL, to qualify you for a multitude of jobs that are out there. Let’s take a closer look at some of those opportunities.



Getting a commercial’s driver license requires more certification than just a regular license. If you want to pursue career opportunities with a CDL, you’ll need to sign up for an Automotive and Diesel Technology program. This prepares students for ASE licensing through real-world experience and weeks of training. This will test for your competency behind the wheel, but also your understanding of the inner mechanisms of larger trucks. This breaks everything down from the brakes and steering to what gets a diesel engine running.

This certification program is a crucial first step towards an awesome job. For example, if you’ve ever found yourself being the one to drive the U-Haul when your friends move, you may want to consider a career as a mover. Licensed moving companies like 495 Movers require a commercial driver’s license for helping people move to their new home, or just clearing out their old one. This is a crucial part of customer service and prepares employees for having to get behind the wheel if need be to lead a team for transporting items.

Bus Driving


An automotive program can get you in with independent repair shops to repair medium and heavy trucks. However, it can also get you behind the wheel of larger vehicles. A CDL is needed to operate a bus, and schools are looking across the transportation industry for assistance in filling these voids. An endorsement is needed to operate a school bus, and applicants will have to pass a background check after school districts garner an assessment of a driver’s skills in handling these vehicles. You may also be required to submit regular drug tests.

The application to drive for city transit is a little bit more complex, but a great job to consider as most cities offer a significant pension or retirement plan, along with other benefits. Many of these employers require applicants to also have a high school diploma or GED. You are also required to have an understanding of the routes and roads surrounding you to maintain regular service. You may also be tasked with checking passenger tickets and collective payment, or loading and unloading luggage for passengers.

Truck Driving


If you’ve applied for a commercial driver’s license, you may have had a dream of driving the big rigs. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers must complete a certificate program after earning their high school diploma to be able to drive vehicles exceeding 26,000 pounds. Beyond the long-haul trips that can be exhausting, your duties also include regularly checking your rig and ensuring that these specialty vehicles operate safely.

These requirements could expand to more local efforts in your community. Dump truck drivers require a CDL, as well as other licensing to operate equipment like tractors and backhoes. This also requires an operator to maintain a clean driving record. Recyclable materials collectors require the same skills but may need additional training to understand biodegradable materials. Some collectors also need training in transporting hazardous materials. As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities out there that start with you getting your commercial driver’s license. From there, you can figure out where your skills and effort belong.