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Visiting a Family Member in Prison: How to Make the Most of a Trip to Michigan

When your loved one is in prison, it can be an ordeal to visit him or her, especially if the prison is out of state. If you’re taking a trip to Michigan to visit a family member in prison, you want to make the most out of it. Here are some tips for traveling to see your loved one. 

Inspect Your Car Before The Trip

Before you travel anywhere, you need to make sure your car can make the trip. Start by inspecting the outside of the car. Has the tread on your tires worn down or are they deflated? Are your brake lights working? Make sure your vehicle doesn’t need any repairs before you head out. You’ll also want to get an oil change, refill your wiper fluid, and make sure you have money for tolls. You do not want to end up stuck somewhere on your way to Oakland County, so do the proper preparations and keep your car in perfect condition.  

Handle Your Emotions

Taking any sort of trip can be exhausting, but going to visit a family member in prison can also be emotionally difficult. Connect with your therapist before you leave and discuss the upcoming visit. He or she will help you understand how this visit might affect you emotionally and what you’ll need to do to prepare. Maybe you’re harboring resentment towards your loved one for being arrested. You won’t be able to delve deep into problems during a quick prison visit, so your therapist can help you process your emotions ahead of time. 

During your visit, you’ll need to be respectful to the employees and inmates, and you’ll have to be a good listener for your loved one. He or she will need your understanding during this difficult time, so it’s important that you can be there for him or her, especially since you’re traveling for the visit. 

Pack What You’ll Need And A Little You Hopefully Won’t

Typically, you cannot bring anything with you when you visit Oakland county inmates. There are approved items that you can give to your loved one, but you’ll drop them off with the jail staff and they’ll deliver the goods. You’ll need to receive approval from the jail to provide your loved one with items, so if you’re planning to bring a gift, make sure it’s approved before you try to drop it off. When you’re leaving for a trip, make a list of everything you need to pack and check off the items as you pack them. Don’t get to your destination and realize you’ve forgotten a toothbrush. 

You should also bring a few items that you hopefully won’t need. Make sure your car has a spare tire and that you know how to change it. Bring a few extra water bottles and snacks too, just in case. 

Plan Something Fun

Visiting a prison can be extremely stressful and emotionally draining. If you’re bringing your family members, make sure you have something fun and stress-relieving planned for after your visit. Check out available sports facilities in greater Lansing, MI, and plan an athletic event for your family. It’s a good idea to get your blood pumping and be active after a stressful event, and doing something fun as a group will help you feel connected after a difficult visit. Plus, since you’re traveling to Michigan, you should visit a local business while you’re there. Doing something fun and exciting during your trip will help it feel more like a vacation and less like a chore. 

Visiting a family member in prison can be difficult. Make sure you’re emotionally prepared and that you have everything planned. Being ready for your visit will help you and your family members feel as relaxed as possible. 

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