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Your Style Guide for a Night on the Town

You work hard and you do the right thing. So, when the time is right, you deserve a break. When circumstances and your own schedule allow, you should treat yourself to a night on the town. That means a trip to the theater, the restaurant, or the bar — or all of the above!

And when it’s time for a big night on the town, you should dress for the occasion. You can eat fine food, sip wine or another type of alcohol, and enjoy theatrical performances in any sort of outfit (or even from the comfort of your own home). But those things feel different and better when you’re enjoying them in the perfect outfit for the occasion. Here are some to consider.


When it comes to dressing perfectly for your big night out, there’s one classic choice that never fails to rise to the occasion. We’re talking, of course, about the little black dress.

Dresses come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. But there’s a reason that the classic little black dress has long been the one to wear when out in about just about anywhere, from here in the United States to the United Kingdom and beyond.

A little black cocktail dress straddles the line between a casual dress and a formal one. It looks as current as of the most trendy dresses around, yet as timeless as a work of fine art. It’s the perfect fit for a special occasion or a quick alcoholic drink at the bar. There’s nothing wrong with a white dress, of course, but a black dress — that’s the gold standard of hip evening wear.

Getting a Leg Up

Dresses are great and create beautiful silhouettes, but they’re far from your only option for a great evening outfit. If you’re looking for something different, consider choosing pants or a jumpsuit.

Pants and jumpsuits are comfortable and can be very flattering, particularly if you choose the right cut and get the perfect pant legs. And jumpsuits are very trendy right now, which makes it easy to shop for them. You’ll find lots of great retailers online that sell jumpsuits as well as dresses, and such retailers will usually offer low-cost or even free shipping to places all over the United States — or even to places beyond the United States, such as the United Kingdom.

Top Style

If you’re wearing pants to your hot date with a romantic partner (or to your hot date with some fine food and alcohol consumption), then your work isn’t finished yet: You still need to figure out what top to wear. Never fear, because there are tons of stylish options available right now.

A flowing chiffon blouse is a great choice for lightweight summer wear, and it’s perfect for more casual environments. A round-neck blouse is an elegant option, too. Choose your favorite type of blouse and hit the town!

Word to the Wise

Getting out on the town is a wonderful thing, but it’s not necessarily the only way to get an excuse to wear your most stylish clothes. Especially given regulations and laws in place right now, it can be tough to find ways to get out. Such laws (and the situation that makes them necessary) are a major bummer, but rest assured that you don’t need any excuse to look your best.

Alcohol consumption and fine dining aren’t limited to bars and restaurants, after all. Why not throw a party at home? Mix up different types of alcohol and create cocktails. Cook up something delicious, or order in. Put a concert or an opera on the TV, and don your dress or jumpsuit for a stylish evening at home. Just watch your alcohol consumption — binge drinking is a serious health risk, no matter where you’re doing your alcoholic beverages.

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