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How to Turn a Cross-Country Move Into a Memorable Road Trip

A cross-country move can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. The trick to making a long-distance move less stressful and easier on you and your family members is to look at it as an opportunity for sightseeing and making memories. Instead of setting a short time period for your move, consider making your move into more of a vacation and you might be surprised at the opportunities you’ll find on the road for creating life-long memories. For ways to make a long-distance move more enjoyable and even fun, read on.

Planning Stops and Destinations


If you’ll be moving across North America and haven’t seen the entire United States yet, now is the perfect opportunity to use your move to explore unique places like Death Valley National Park, the Grand Rapids, Furnace Creek, the Grand Canyon, south Florida, Badwater Basin, and more. Instead of being focused on how you’ll get your belongings to your next destination, consider taking a step back and plotting your route across the country with built-in sightseeing destinations. You can even stay in national parks along the way, giving you the opportunity to make memories during your move that you may never have the opportunity to make again.

Maybe you’re moving from Fort Lauderdale to northern Maine. You could use your move as a way of exploring the east coast instead of dreading it. Before working out the logistics of how you’ll make your long-distance move, do a little research on campgrounds, hotels, and other places you might be able to stay along the way and plan extra time for your trip. By using your move as a way of seeing the country, you’ll arrive at your final destination more relaxed and happier it.

Using a Moving Company


One great way to take the stress out of a long-distance move is to spend the money on affordable and professional movers like Solomon & Sons Relocation. A mover can pack up your house and transport your belongings across the country. Movers can also move your things ahead of time and even move you in while you spend your trip more like a vacation.

Before calling a mover, consider what you’ll need them for. For some people, movers are great for transport alone. Preferring to pack their things themselves, they hire a moving company simply to bring their belongings from point A to point B. Other people use movers to pack up their house and unpack it at their new property. There are no right or wrong answers. Calling a moving company well in advance of your move is your best option when it comes to making a decision that feels best for you and your family. Most professional moving companies are happy to give a free estimate and work with you on affordability and options.

Prepping Your New Home Ahead


Knowing your new home or property is ready for you is important. If you’re moving into a new house across the country, the last thing you want to do is show up and find that you need repairs, maintenance, or new windows. Doing your homework ahead and accessing your needs will make a big difference in how quickly you’re able to adjust to your new house and city. For example, if you were moving from Dallas, Texas to Michigan and knew that your home in Michigan would need new windows or vinyl replacements, it would be a great idea to call Kentwood window company ahead to get the work started before you move in. Arriving at a ready-to-go home will make your road trip all the more relaxing. Instead of viewing it as a move with a long to-do list at the end, you’ll be able to spend your trip exploring ghost towns and making memories.

Travelling in Comfort


To save money, many people find ways to convert SUVs, minivans, and cargo vans into places to sleep for long road trips. If you’re feeling adventurous and own a larger vehicle, this is a great way to turn an ordinary move into a road trip that costs less. Installing a cot, bed, or bedding platform in the back of a van or renting an RV for your trip could make the difference between hundreds you’d spend on other accommodations.

At the end of the road, the key is getting to your final destination and new home safely. By taking the long route, being open-minded about destinations along the drive, and hiring movers to help take the stress out of your move, you’ll be in a better position to arrive at your new house ready for your next adventure. Consider doing a little research now on destinations along your route, calling a mover for a free estimate, and converting that SUV, van, or other vehicles into one you can travel in in comfort for the long haul. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget to pack your camera—memories are waiting!