The Best Vacation Destination for Your Zodiac Sign

As everyone continues to get vaccinated and travel bans lift, many people are searching for the perfect getaway. Most people spent the better part of the last two years exercising safety for themselves and others. These safety measures meant staying home and refraining from unnecessary travel that can spread disease.

Planning the first vacation after all that time can be a nerve-racking experience! Making the most out of a vacation means putting a lot of thought into your destination. Check out the suggestions below if you’re looking to the universe for travel guidance regarding zodiac compatibility.



Scorpio, your fiery passion and exquisite taste calls for a luxurious getaway. Your majesty, the Sunset Beach Cabo San Lucas villas await you.


Virgos are known for their logical, systematic approach to life. Get into the vacation mindset by taking to the quiet mountains of Utah.



It can be challenging for Pisces to choose a vacation destination. After all, their heads are already in the clouds. A romantic getaway in a North Carolina cabin near a waterfall will satisfy even the dreamiest of Pisces placements.


Gemini, you’ve actually made time for a vacation? Blow off some steam at a concert of your choice. Location doesn’t matter, just make sure your lodging is up to standards and grab a drink at the swanky hotel bar first.



We get it, Sagittarius, you are a people person. Go be the social butterfly of your dreams and hit up a major city you haven’t seen yet. Might I suggest New York City, Los Angeles, or Denver?


Libra, which do you prefer: pretty things or expensive things? Trick question, we know you love both. Go anywhere flashy that you can post on Instagram. We all know that’s why you’re doing it anyway.



The heart of an Aquarius can never be stilled. Search Vrbo or Airbnb for an adorable farm stay. Try your hand at horseback riding or have coffee with a few resident goats. Either way, your soul will be soothed by the animals around you.


Why so serious, Capricorn? Find the nearest city where your favorite comedian is doing a stand-up show. Then, book tickets and a hotel with a spa. Wind down with a massage and then laugh it up. You need it.


Your big personality and bold heart are craving an adventure. Grab a few friends and embark on a road trip across a couple of states. The location doesn’t matter quite as much as the company to you.



Taurus, you’re not sure where you want to go, but you are sure that it needs to meet your high standards. Experience genuine southern hospitality and book a luxurious hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. You’ll get high-end cuisine, sunny beaches, and endless retail shopping wrapped up into one.


Aries are ambitious and brave. Your vacation destination needs to be action-packed! Visit Cancun and explore a few caves, or go snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters.



Cancers are the most emotional sign of the zodiac. They can pick up on others’ energies effortlessly but may struggle to deal with their own. Cancer, get in touch with yourself through a yoga retreat to Bali.

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